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Managed Services  


We offer an On-Site managed service so we become part of your On-site IT staff.

This would reduce your full time IT staffing requirement and create a considerable annual cost saving.
We estimate a full time qualified Network Manager/ Administrator to cost between 30,000.00 - 35, 000.00 per annum.

The Managed Services would include the following:

  • Changing of user names, passwords and security profiles
  • Other System Administration and Server Management
  • Moving of PC Systems
  • Weekly pro-active Remote Diagnosis of the server
  • Preventative software maintenance on the server
  • Network Security and Virus Protection/ Virus troubleshooting
  • New Hardware Installation and Maintenance
  • Data Backup, logging and verification
  • Pre-emptive hardware diagnosis
  • Non Network related operating system
  • Network performance monitoring and tweaking
  • Installation of service packs or maintenance releases
  • Licence and Systems Audit to include PCs, Software and peripherals
  • Web site building and management
  • Database Building and management
2 days is recommended for a month per site  


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